Atmospheric Territories is now LIVE!


Atmospheric Territories was released on Tuesday by McGlaspie who is part of the Paid Development Team (PDT).


Crevice from ns2_summit featuring the new atmospheric territories mod.

What is Atmospheric Territories you ask?

Atmospheric Territories is a new experimental lighting system which McGlaspie has been working on for some time now, see trello.

To explain exactly what it is, I’d rather take the words directly from the horses mouth, so see below!


Showcasing the subtle change in lighting as you slowly encroach the Kharaa’s territory.

McGlaspie – “This extension aims to revise all environment lighting associated with power nodes. In addition to eliminating the red lighting, it takes things a few steps further.
The lighting for each location is now more dynamic and changes based on which team controls it (based on the number of built structures). Lighting now changes even when power nodes are Unsocketed. As aliens encroach into the map and spread infestation, the lighting for those areas will slowly “bleed” off until it is much darker than normal. The designed intent is to make the Territorial-Boundaries very clear and distinct, increasing the atmospheric qualities of NS2 and making it easier / more obvious for Rookies to realize they’re in hostile territory. This effect creates clear delineations between Marine and Alien controlled territory.

Each location in a map now has its occupancy tracked. That is to say, all built and alive structures in a Location count towards a team’s occupancy of said location. When alien’s occupy a Location their presence has a diminishing effect on lighting, thus it becomes darker. And the opposite is true of Marines.”


Marine vs Alien – Light vs Dark.

What do I do and how do I get it?

Zilch. Na-da.  Nothing!  It is server specific, all you have to do is join a server that is running the mod and enjoying NS2’s new lighting in all its goodness! Alternatively if you want to test the mod yourself you can always subscribe to said mod via steamworkshop.

Remember the mod is far from perfect so there maybe a couple of bugs lurking here and there however rest assured McGlaspie will be there with a fix!