Calling all server admins!


There’s nothing like the feeling of bringing a community together.


In this case bringing the administrators and/or owners together to unite under one banner for the greater good of…statistics!

Wooza’s logo never fails to impress!


Introducing Wonitor a server statistics initiative started by an NS2 player called “Brute”.  I could never accurately explain what exactly Wonitor is so I’ll let Brute take care of that :)




Yojimbo – What is Wonitor exactly?


Brute – Wonitor is a mod+website combination, that allows server operators to gather some statistics on the games played on their servers. It is running on a bunch of servers already e.g. Wooza, The Thirsty Onos, Tactical Freedom and NoRookiesPub.  The default landing page shows a couple of hopefully, interesting charts, such as team balance or map popularity, but it’s real strength lies in the freely configurable plots it allows you to create.  So if you have a feeling that ns2_summit favors marines or that marines never win the late game on ns2_tram, you now have the means to back your intuition with actual numbers.


Wealth of interesting statistics is now at your disposal!


Yojimbo – How did this idea come out?


Brute – I was approached by Wooza, who complained about a lack of game statistics. Apparently, ever since the very brilliant NS2Stats went out of service, server operators are left with very little information on what is going on on their servers. There are sites like devicenull or gametracker , which analyze steam query data, but this information has only limited usefulness when it comes to balancing. Since I had some time to spare, and everyone loves statistics (and math), I agreed. It is deployed for a month now, and slowly gaining popularity among server operators.
Yojimbo – How does it work?


Brute – The way it works is that at the end of a match, the mod part collects some data such as the winning team, number of players, or the length of the round. It then sends it’s data to a webserver. I opted for a decentralized system, so everyone is free to host his own server, or invite others to use theirs. In theory, since all the data is public, someone could even grab the data from different wonitor setups and run his own global version.  For the people that are interested in setting up Wonitor, should head to the UWE forums or directly do GitHub.


Yojimbo – Any plans for the future of Wonitor?


Brute – Right now, I am teaming up with Mendasp, to save all the data that NS2+ is collecting, which is even more than what I am collecting right now. The first use-case will probably be a map that shows all death locations.

As you can see the statistics can provide a useful insight into how rounds are played out, which are the most popular maps played across all servers, the average game length and even wins by start location.  The possibilities are endless, who knows… some of these statistics could even be used to further balance out the game, the more data the better but…This is only possible if as many server administrators jump on the bandwagon as possible!
If you wish to learn more about it please see the forum link and the direct link to the download listed below.