Introducing our new website!


It has been a few weeks since we started NS2News. It started all as an idée fixe. tudy and Yojimbo quickly jumped on board and have been of precious and valuable help editing and writing all those posts. I never expected our project to be this successful – and yet, we could not have come this far without you: the community. Now it is time to move forward a bit faster (than phasetech!) and to step aside from our ludicrous Wix website and host. I am pleased to announce our brand new website:!

I particularly want to thank Vindaloo for providing the domain and the server, but also for his help on the tech-side. Special thanks go to Lalo: he handles the current design of the website, widgets, features, everything. Also, I sincerely want to thank all those server admins, who keep promoting our website. Many have installed already either by their own means or through Shine Administration a tool leading players to visit NS2News. A few weeks ago Ghoul added a button called NS2News under M working via [Shine] Epsilon. This allowed us to get a larger audience. Nothing would have been possible without them:

DCDarkling (TAW)

Hellrunner (Hellarious Basterds)

SupaFred (Thirsty Onos)

Wooza/ATF (Wooza servers)

Wyzcrak (Tactical Gamer)

Rusty (Diamond Gamers)

Zero (IBIS Gaming)

If I missed your name, I apologise. Let me know and I add you to the list! If you run a server with this plugin, greatest thanks!

What is new on this website? The basic layout and structure are similar. You can still find the tabs Contact and Staff at the very top, amongst some new ones: the NSL (Natural Selection League) provides what is the best in a 6 vs. 6 environment. We also added the tab NS2Streaming containing active players, which regularly stream their POV. You are able to find our Quote of the Week and under EXTRA! EXTRA! the latest important topic. NS2 Resources are now at the very bottom of the website and so are our supports. You also find our Twitter feed next to it. As a new feature we are working on Featured Competitive Matches: its form is not fixed, yet. Currently it shows one of the upcoming NSL matches.

Please note that we are still developing our tools and features on the website. Of course we keep you updated about any changes.

As usual, if you want anything to be posted on NS2News, get in touch with any of us and we figure something out. Many thanks to Mendasp who added a shiny badge to NS2+. Feel free to poke anyone ingame wearing the NS2News badge.

Thanks for following us!


  • Mendasp

    That Mendasp fellow seems like a great guy.

    Not biased.

  • Jimmy

    Ya he is a pretty cool dude

  • Rusty

    Oh that Mendasp. Been around almost longer than I have. I had really hoped that UWE would have picked him up. I mean – ns_bast was a huge benefit for NS1 and Mendasp had an integral part of the design process if memory serves me correctly. But perhaps that paperclip is bent a little out of shape from years of wear and tear? Or maybe it became a favorite for some in terms of holding things together? Either way, it would be nice to see an all new design of Bast shall one little paperclip be up to it.

  • Rusty

    Great job on the site guys. It looks very clean. Makes me want to re-visit my forums haha. No – it looks good, organized, and I can’t wait to see what new content you come up with :) Kudos!!


    Great new website, looks very nice. I hope to see more stuff like this from you guys, awesome work!

  • Popcorn

    This new site is so much nicer. I like.

  • ZERO

    I like the new version. Oh on a somewhat related note did NS2+ have built in badges before? I noticed that my admin badges stopped working recently and perhaps there is a conflict with NS2+ assuming that the badges part for that mod is new. Also post up a pic of the ns2news badge so people know what to look for.

  • GameOver

    I liked the old design better :(

    Congrats getting so many players on board contributing! Keep going!