Last Minute News: Deletion of CompMod, NS2+ & more


Dragon‘s mods and Mendasp‘s NS2+ mod have been removed from Steam Workshop. To be more specific, mods are still on the Workshop for the most part but ’empty’ which leads to the same end.

This includes but not limited to:

NSL Mod (adds functionalities such as pause, friendly fire, teams and players data from the NSL website, etc)

CompMod (different balance from vanilla, aims at the competitive scene mostly)

NS2Tweaks (full of fixes not implemented yet on vanilla. eg: View Angles on respawn being random.)

Those mods were removed following Dragon‘s intervention on the NSL forums (source linked):

“So, given UWE’s recent decisions to completely fuck over any mods, I will be removing mine from steam workshop. Since I cannot even get a reasonable answer on any questions asked of them multiple times on discord, and will not tolerate being scammed by them again. There is little chance of recourse on this at this point, I will not be doing anything related to NS2 unless there is a serious change of heart.”

The competitive community (NSL) has been running events, tournaments and seasons for more than a year with both NSL Mod and CompMod. With them vanished, season 9 had to be delayed. Let’s put it up in clear words: those two mods along NS2+ are the heart of the competitive community.


Subsequently, as a protest, the NSL organized and handled a quickly-made ‘Vanilla’ Draft Tournament. Its purpose? Attempt to show how unplayable the game is without ANY mods. Some might call it a success, but this opinion isn’t shared.  You can watch some replays of the tournament here (Golden), there (Hoeloe and Luchs) and right here (Cr4zy).

Fuss is being spread all around the NSL and UWE forums, including UWE Discord. Couple of servers that I wouldn’t mention in here have shown support and push aside any mods that were enabled. If you have been accustomed to a moddable experience, it appears quite difficult to get rid of your habits and try to enjoy a clean and pure vanilla taste.

Following his confrere, Mendasp removed NS2+ from the Workshop. Leading to even more questioning about the legitimacy of this protest: “Hello, quick comment, this is just to support dragon and his decision and the mod will be back up in the next few days. If you choose to not run the mod afterwards, I can’t do anything about that, and it’s fine.” From UWE Discord.

Eventually, the events leaded to a Skype meeting, nothing official but with speakers from the competitive community (including an NSL admin) and WasabiOne from UWE. You can watch the replay on

Sans titre

Simba at the center, then following Yaluzan on the left, Cabooble, WasabiOne, Mephilles & schu.

What came out from it? There has been many constructive talks and feedbacks from both sides. WasabiOne is sad this had to happen to finally get some communication going, because he always looked forward to work with the NSL. He pretty much officially declared the ENSL the official comp. department of NS2. He basically made an official statement and explained their side. He also said they (the PDT) don’t decide where development is going on themselves. They get a plan and a budget. BUT they just got assurance for “Phase 2” where features of mods like Ns2+ and CompMod could be added to vanilla.

I won’t speculate however about what will come up in the near future but we DO know for sure a Q&A will be organized soon, no ETA yet. The Paid Development Team (PDT) will have an internal meeting on monday. Details might pop up thereafter.


Even if you’re not a competitive player, you’re necessarily affected by mods in every games you play on NS2. You might not have an opinion on this matter, you may even think people overreacted. If this whole affair is still fuzzy and unclear to you, I recommand you to have a look at the NSL and UWE forums and to get a deep look into it. You may find it fruitful.

We’ll keep you updated!

EDIT: according to rantology (UWE), Dragon and Mendasp have been spoken to. There’s a meeting scheduled for early next week to iron everything out.

  • rkfg

    I hope the sources are saved somewhere so the only problem is that distribution of them via Workshop in disrupted. Otherwise… ugh, having no backups sucks a lot.

  • Intrepid H

    this just happened with siege too but because the creator was mad that
    people didn’t want to play HIS version of siege which involved
    redplugs/disconnects/ game breaking coding >.>hopefully issues
    like this are resolved or taken up again by someone who can dedicate
    time to maintaining mods through the patches that break them repeatably.
    but it is quite harsh that content like siege and ns+ vanish overnight
    because the creators get to say so because they are personally unhappy.
    what about the people that enjoyed that content?

    (more so with
    siege, i can understand the creator frustration here too, i guess we’ll
    have to be patient like we always have been in the past with NS2
    issues>_<,, lol)

  • Yurii Yurik

    NS2+ mod is useless and adds exploits to your game.

    but for real, you MUST fix stacked games, because it is impossible to play. 9 of 10 are PURE STACK. where I know who will win even before game starts.

    So far, game is shit, even after i have 600h into it. Concept is good, execution is garbage

  • Fret

    rkfg, there are many copies of the mods floating around the internet I imagine, that’s not the problem. The problem is, these are NOT community mods, they are private mods, owned by the modders, and they don’t want to share them anymore