Natural Selection 2 needs YOU!


With the recent patch 278 hiccup, people have been asking questions.

Questions such as, how did the playtester team miss such a significant bug? Why would they release such a gamebreaking patch?

The truth in the matter is that network changes are hard to notice, even more so due to the slow decline of participants who volunteer their time to test bugs such as these, while the system put in place is effective at catching the vast majority… you will always have one slip through the net.

We cannot simulate real ingame scenarios due to low playtesting numbers, over the recent years the average server count has risen;- 8 vs 8, 12 vs 12, 16 vs 16 and even 21 vs 21 are what you see on your server browser nowdays.

This is where YOU come in.

As a playtester volunteer you will work very closely with the development teams, enjoy highly flexible hours, form new friendships and enjoy an unlimited amount of cookies.

We need to replenish our ranks and maintain a high number in order to ensure effective QA procedures which in turn will result in a more enjoyable, stable NS2 experience.

All details are featured in the URL below so… Click the image and help us help you!


  • Nominous

    You should probably edit out the url in the image above since it leads
    to a defunct web page. Also, get rid of the “Sign up on the forums!”
    sentence. :)