NS2News is still recruiting!


You may have figured out by yourselves, although NS2News regularly posts one or two articles a week, our team is losing momentum and can’t afford to publish as many blog posts as we would like to. For this very reason, we aim to recruit new members, mainly authors but not limited to those. Quite the contrary, if you have any other skill that might be helpful for NS2News, go ahead and get in touch with one of us.

As for the NS2 communities, feel free to poke any of us again if you want us to share any information from your side: mods being updated, servers being shut down temporary, community events, anything that might be relevant and if you feel hesitant, don’t be and contact us.

Since this is a tiny article, have a look to what happened last week on NS2 (picked what seemed the most interesting).


Simple’s discharge from the NSL & NS2


Spark Detailing Exercise #3: Day & Night


ns2_mineral (again updated, hurray!)


Wooza’s Spine-Chilling Give Away Winners

the hidden

Hidden Mod (still being regularly updated)

  • kparal

    For new authors you need a reader base. For reader base, you need working RSS. Currently there’s no reasonable way to follow your site. I completely forgot about you since the last month’s announcement on NS2 website (which has RSS and I follow it). And now I’ve found interesting content on your site. Really, the lack of RSS is harming you, guys.