NSL now runs 7 vs. 7 casual gathers!


Some of you might be accustomed to the NSL gather-system already: In a gather two impromptu teams of 6 players face each other. There are 6 players per team to resemble competitive matches. Gathers let competitive players or players who are not familiar with the NSL train and have some fun between matches, scrims, or public games.

A couple of days ago, Sephy and the NSL (Gather Admin) added a new gather format for newcomers, people who’ve never played competitive before, or folks who didn’t enjoy the regular 6 vs. 6 version. This 7 vs. 7 casual gather system now runs within the NSL. To quote the original NSL news:

“Obviously, the atmosphere will be different in those two formats. The goal of the “classic” gathers is to have a place to practice much like a PCW. This means having players who want to try their hardest in order to win. These games will be more tense and stressful. This is not recommended for newcomers, and we may eventually set requirements to join them.

 The second format is more friendly. It’s designed to let new players have a good taste of what competitive gaming can be. Naturally, players will make mistakes in these kinds of games in order to become better. The goal here is to learn how to block lanes, how to trap lifeforms, and to test differents tactics to learn current meta. It’s a training ground which will lead you to the next competitive steps.”

For casual gathers a new option is available on the gather page. To use this system all you need is an account on www.ensl.org and you’re ready to join gathers right away. Any casual gather you’re in starts as soon as 14 players join it. Admittedly this can take a while, but you can spend the time by playing some public games in the meantime. The 7 vs. 7 system also aims to provide a different atmosphere from regular 6 vs. 6 gathers: You may find it more friendly and pleasant. It is unlikely that you fall between very high skilled players (who prefer classic gathers), still you may find some veterans who’d be glad to help you out practicing.

We recommend you to give it a try, especially if you’ve never played gathers in the past. Casual 7 vs. 7 gathers are a bit closer to competitive matches, while still being relaxed and public. Be patient if you sign in as this system is just released and it might require some time to get the ball rolling. To speed things up be sure to invite your friends and get an even more enjoyable experience.

Check the NSL original news for further information.