NSL Season 9 starts! What to watch out for? – Part 3


Check here for part 1 and part 2.

It’s that time again, folks: The Natural Selection League (NSL) is on our doorsteps – and it will be exciting! The ninth season suffered a two weeks delay, because of this little story here. By now things are sorted out and as a side-effect the NSL and UWE/PDT both spend effort into improving the communication to each other. To that end rantology, a well respected NSL-veteran of the former team titus and member of the PDT, has weekly chats with the admins of the NSL. For the first meetings PDT’s tournament-mode for NS2 was on the agenda. Surely the NSL and UWE/PDT can help each other out. Just recently NSL-players reported a bug to the developers, which they had not been aware of.

But now without further ado, the top-teams of Sesaon 9!

Division 1

As in Division 2 we have 8 teams.

  • I’m disappointing
  • Kaamos
  • Lucky Chams
  • Mikillæti
  • Pell-Mell
  • seize & decyst
  • Vanquish

Let’s start at the top, which is currently spelled Lucky Chams. The NA-team, second at the end of Season 8, beat the NA/EU-mix SpookerZ in the playoffs. Noteworthy leaves from the team are ADHD and tap. As replacement Syknik makes a return. Call it chams, or just call them lucky, but this is one of the strongest teams there is in NS2 these days. So, who is going to stop this powerhouse?

Well, maybe the guys, who go under the name of Vanquish. NA-player tap (an ex-member of Lucky Chams) gathered some of the best European players and some of the oldest veterans as well: this team is peppered with Season-winners and world-champions. Usually we see in the top Division a close fight between the top NA-team and the top EU-team. In Season 8, that pattern was partially broken with Lucky Chams and SpookerZ going into the finals. It seems the Euros didn’t like that and forged a strong alliance to challenge the Americans.

But there are more teams in Division 1 you should keep a close eye upon:

  • Mikillæti – “Much Noise”: Top-player Zäföd (S5 winner with 2eZ., S7 Finalist with DIY) put this EU-team together. It features a mix of players ranging from veterans to relatively new guys, which had been recruited from low to high divisions. Will this concept work or will it be just a great hullabaloo?
  • Pell-Mell – From the New World: RolliePollie and WhySoSerious  – the leaders of Pell-Mell – are a nice example of what you can achieve in 2000 hours NS2. Working their way up from Division 4 all the way to the top division. And not only that. They are trailing the best teams very, very closely. In Season 8 Pell-Mell missed the finals because of direct comparison with SpookerZ. Pell-Mell clearly belonged to the top3 teams of NS2 in Season 8. Can they defend this claim in a Division of 8 teams? Their lineup stays relatively stable with two additions: CRaZyCAT (Handwashers) and A2K (Pulverize Massacre).
  • I’m disappointing – Return of Veterans: Watch this team closely, as they are not your usual 3-Spanish, 3-Skandinavian team. Put together from Ex-Godar players this is a team consisting of many players who celebrate their return to competitive NS2. Some of them appeared in competitive play over 2 years ago! Don’t be mislead by their trolling team-picture or their team name. This team will be a force to reckon with.
  • Kaamos – There must be a Finnish team: Finnish teams have a long and successful tradition in competitive NS2. And yes, this is the second team with a band-name in Division 1. Similar to I’m disappointing a lot of veterans celebrate a comeback to competitive NS2. Of the players in the lineup who had been recently active one should mention (Malware from Pulverize Massacre) and the NSL-“rookie” X2Y (All Terrain Vehicles). X2Y just made his NSL debut in this years Newcomer Tournament.
  • seize & decyst – Even more  comebacks: This EU/NA-team features two comebacks as well: phonee and ydy havn’t been seen for a good while in a regular season. Beside these two we also see BauerJankins and OneHit (Bad Mannered), Alite (Weld Mannered), malx (caste), and ragnasty (tau-9). Bauer and OneHit joined this team just a few weeks ago and pushed it over the needed 6 players. Can seize & decyst find their rhythm quickly enough?
  • JUST THE TIP – …is larger than the bottom?: This looks very much like a new edition of the team SHAFT. Five of the 8 players are from the former AUS-NS2-League team. New in the lineups are the players from Like A Glove – Lucas2616 and clowning – as well as the NSL-rookie navoj.

Only a few teams in this season’s Division 1 have a record to show. It will be very interesting to see where each of them sorts in. I am quite certain we will see some surprises in the next week. Also Division 1 looks very tight to me. I’m looking forward to many exciting and high-level games!

What to watch out for in the first week: seize & decyst vs. Mikillæti! Both are newly formed teams with some good players in their rows. It is hard to estimate their strengths upfront, but this match will give us some good insights in how far both teams are with their teamplay.

This concludes the third and last part of our coverage. I hope you are excited as me for Season 9. Good games to everyone and have fun!