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Oh boy, I have been looking forward to this one!

As you know it’s been awhile since a player interview article was last written, with matters outside of NS2 keeping myself busy it suddenly dawned on me that ns2news needed another interview. Whilst pondering who to interview I decided to watch some old competitive videos from years ago back and came across team Archaea when they ruled supreme, smashing away the competition my eyes turned towards one particular legend – Tane.

This guy set the standard along with his fellow teammate Fana, to what was come to be known as Fana & Tane the Pain Train…

So without further ado, here is the interview :-)

Yojimbo – Please introduce yourself to the community.

Tane – My name is Taneli Lilja but to the community I am known as Tane.  I would describe myself as a calm and friendly person from Finland.  I have a MD in Philosophy and currently work for different help organizations like Green Peace and Red Cross.

On the other hand, I am a competitive player with an extremely competitive mindset, having played NS from very first public version and unlike most of old faces from the competitive scene the longest “holiday” from NS was just six months, so I would like to think of myself as one of the most experienced NS players alive. I live and breathe NS and have grown up playing this wonderful game.

"You're already dead"

“You’re already dead”

YojimboHow about your time in NS2? Which teams did you play for and what was your role in those teams?

Tane – I was actually really sceptical about NS2 as competitive game when it was in beta and I was playing during that time L4D2 at highest level, so I needed some motivation to start playing clearly an unfinished game.  Announcement of live tournament was that motivation for me.

I started training NS2 and joined clan called Archaea.  I knew Fana and eagleye from my NS1 days so it was easy choice for me to pick Archaea as my next clan.  Though, I couldn’t predict how good we were going to be even in my wildest dreams.  I do believe Archaea was the best team ever in NS series and I have played with amazing players in three different games.  I didn’t actually lose a single game, including PCWs, when I played for Archaea.  That is just sick!

As marine my role in Archaea was pressuring and killing everything that moves.  Me and Fana lead our pressure and in process were created most lethal duo this game has seen and we were nicknamed as Fana and Tane the pain train.  We moved as one deadly unit wreaking havoc all around us.  We naturally moved the way that we could always cover each other and help one another. People tend to see the aim first, but our true strength were based on teamwork and gamesense.

As alien, our great commander Scrjam, gave me a free role.  While other aliens in start defended our naturals and played pack game I was alone hunting cappers. This why I was called as sneaky bastard, or if you like, sneakiest bastard.  My alien play has always revolved around art of ambushing, so this role suit me perfectly.  With old skulk movement system I was even able shut down two marine capping teams alone. I was true pain in the ass for teams like Godar and Duplex.  I even mastered the art of spider skulking!

Though, after the second live tournament it was clear that we were too dominant and so I left Archaea and joined Saunamen. There were some my old NS1 teammates playing in Saunamen like leipa, Hopeanuoli, Nate and Peach. We won the nation cup, but after that we never really lived up to our potential.  We had great players personal skill wise, but our teamwork was lacking. Our biggest problem was the commander.  Peach was just too inactive and Hopeanuoli didn’t have talent for commanding at all.  He was legendary field player from NS1, but commanding us was not his greatest moment.  While in Archaea I could focus on my own game, in Saunamen I had to organize everything from the field, so naturally my own personal game suffered.  Not that I wouldn’t be used to multitasking, but that was just too much to handle.  So I guess my role in Saunamen were mainly commanding and being supportive player.

tane 1

“Scanning the area for those pesky Skulks!”

Yojimbo – What would you say are your best accomplishments / favourite moments in NS series?

Tane – Well, to be honest there are so many great memories that it’s hard to put them in order.

However, maybe my greatest memory dates back to 2006 when I lead Finland to the World Championship.  It was my first golden medal in big tournaments and the World Cup was biggest there ever was in NS1.  Sure, I had won smaller cups but this was something special.  Hell, I could say to my mom that I was world champion! I knew that I had achieved something that I could be proud of rest of my life.  I was at the top of my game during 2006 and the world was my oyster.

But I would be crazy if I didn’t mention the first live tournament in Cologne at 2012.   At that point I was different person and player I was back in 2006.  During that time I had already won everything you could in this game and normal online tournaments didn’t give me enjoyment like they used to.  Cologne changed that, I was once again that little boy who started playing NS 2002 with heart full of excitement and joy.  Also, it was really special to meet my teammates and of course Charlie “Flayra” Cleveland himself.  I had great time in Cologne and I lived my dream as an e-sports player.

When it comes to best accomplishment, I would say I am most proud of my ability to stay at top level.  I broke to the top level in 2004 and I’m still there.  It hasn’t be easy because the great rivalry of so many amazing players. Some of those players become professional gamers at other games and I was able to compete or even surpass them in this game.  I might not be professional gamer but I made e-sport career that only few can challenge.  Some people may say that I wasted my talent playing NS but then again I knifed a professional gamer’s fade – sorry S4!

Yojimbo – What is your secret to becoming one of the top players in NS2?

Tane – Some people are more naturally talented for games than others and I am sure I belong to that category, but the biggest factor is time.  However, how you play and how you try to learn new stuff is really important.  If you always do the same thing and don’t keep open mind you won’t learn anything new. So I have always been utmost critical for everything I do.  In NS1 I used analyze every game I played and I tried to find fault in my playstyle.  I also used to watch great players like Mustang or wzza before I was at the same level.  There were also legendary rivalry between me and wltrs (See below for video links).  You need a great rival like wltrs to be truly amazing because your rivals force you to be better.  So I guess my secret is a critical mind, amazing rivals and lots of freetime!

Wltrs frag movie –

Tane’s frag movie –

"Ensuring your weapon is clear of jams is essential"

“Ensuring your weapon is clear of jams is essential”


Yojimbo – What other games are you playing at the moment and are you playing competitively?

Tane – I play almost every genre but I’m history freak so grand strategy games like Europa Universalis are my cup of tea when it comes to casual gaming.  However, when it comes to more competitive games I think Dirty Bomb and Rocket League are great games, but I only play them casually with my old NS teammates.  I’m going to play in next NSL season and if there are going to be live tournament in future I promise that I’m not going anywhere.

Yojimbo – What is the best advice you could give to players (new and old).

Tane – Respect.  Respect your fellow player and you will yourself be respected.  Respect not only makes you decent human being, but it also makes you a better player.  When you respect your opponent you are mentally capable to learn from your opponent.  When you accuse your opponent of cheating or you play your failing down to bad luck, you won’t learn anything because you are hiding behind the truth that you made a mistake.  Mutual respect between players makes this community great and gives everybody joy to play.

Thank you for your time Tane, hope to see you about in the future, happy fragging!

Tane’s hardware specifications.


  • Headset: Steelseries 4H
  • Mouse: Razer Deathadder Chroma
  • Keyboard: Logitech G19s
  • Monitor: AOG G2460PG, G-Sync, 144Hz
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 680
  • Processor: Intel I7 3770K 3.50GHz
  • Ram: 16GB
  • Nominous

    Great interview! Congrats on your success. Would love to see some NS2 POVs.

  • Tane

    Thank you! Yojimbo made great job in this interview. Sadly NS2 don’t have working ingame recording system so I don’t really NS2 POVs to share. Though, Blind have some old NS1 matches here on youtube: where you can see from my gameplay from my point of view.

  • Tane

    Thank you! Yojimbo made great job in this interview. Sadly NS2 don’t have working ingame recording system so I don’t really NS2 POVs to share.

  • Ari

    Nice interview.