Time to F4 for ns2news.org


We’re announcing with sadness and melancholy the resigning of tudy, Yojimbo, d0py and myself (Pelargir) and the closure of NS2News.

I initially intended to lay down all the reasons that led to this decision to eventually, realize it would be better not stating or simply summarize in a few words only what pushed us to move away from the NS2News project.

Roughly speaking, we don’t have time – our team hasn’t been able to recruit more authors and our real life doesn’t allow us to maintain a suitable rate of articles. Keeping track on anything on NS2 requires a lot of time and piecing together newspost, is a fastidious job. Nonetheless, there’s more than that. There comes the actual state of the game. NS2News would’ve fit perfectly at the NS2 official release, now it’s too late and it can’t be built on drama or I don’t want it to rely on it, and a fortiori in regard of the latest events that keep popping up on NS2. Drama surrounds, encloses the whole community more and more day after day and I no longer share a vision where my work is limited to relating drama.

As for tudy, he was mainly our NSL intermediary and after his departure from the NSL staff for good – he sees no interest sticking around in the NS2News team.

For Yojimbo, he will be continuing to do what he loves best – outdoor fishing, house renovation and seeking other games to play, most likely Overwatch.

Lastly, Dopy will be unable to maintain ns2news by himself as it is far too big of a task to manage by himself thus he will also be leaving.

That was quite a pleasant adventure and we all grew from this experience, as short as it was.

We bid you all farewell, and have enjoyed serving you – the community!


  • Erik Olofsson

    Bye bye guys. No matter how many views or shares. You need to know you were, are and always will be appreciated.

  • Popcorn

    Kinda sad but understandable. Thank you for the news and all the work you put into this project.