What crosshairs to use?


Many people are now used to going through the whole NS2 Workshop to find a crosshair that suits their needs.  All players start off with the default crosshairs, which is fine for most people but what if you are searching for something more? something that could give you a visual competitive edge against other players… you may want to have a look at the following list, I asked over a dozen of players which included players from all walks of life, competitive wise or even just a casual.


Take note however that while someone’s crosshair may make them g0dl1ke, that same crosshair may not appeal to you so feel free to try out a selection of crosshairs first before you find one you really like, if however you’re not able to find the right one suitable to your needs, you have the ability to create your very own crosshair, it would require putting in your own work but as the saying goes: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!”


For those wondering: “how can I get my crosshairs added ingame?”, the answer is quite simple: you take the crosshair.dds and the crosshair-hit.dds files from the ns2 > ui folder in your Steam directory and edit them with any computer graphic program. For further information, please follow this tutorial. The CDT had in its bag the wish to add changeable crosshairs to the game, hopefully, it will still happen.


So here’s the players list (in no particular order):
Vanilla means default NS2 crosshairs



Some regular Wooza’s players have also been questioned about what crosshairs they’re used to (thanks Wooza for sharing and helping me out!). So here are the following answers: