What is going on?! Some explanations.


Please note that this post aims to clear things up. Hopefully, an official stance should come up really soon, in the meantime, you’re free to consider our words as personal points of view.

Barely a day after the last Build 278 aiming to provide new fixes and an auto-seasonal mode, including Christmas theme, the community has to face major bugs making the game nearly unplayable not unrelated with the latest fixes. You can find the latest changelog here. What people are currently experiencing is a terrible hitreg. Basically, 50% of all hits won’t count which is quite a lot you may notice. The next video (thanks Prommah! for sharing) should help you figure out how broken and unsteady the current hitreg is.

So how is that a problem? Well, beside this bug making the game unplayable, you have to understand this build hasn’t been worked on by the new development team (working for Unknown Worlds) but rather the CDT (Community Development Team). For those who have paid attention to the recent events, this is basically the last official build being worked on by the CDT as the group used to work. However, I wouldn’t go hasty and blame the CDT. They’ve done an amazing job so far and we can honestly say this is the first patch in almost two years that is completely broken.

Hugh, from the new development team published earlier a blogpost summarizing things. From this, things turned out dramatically. According to how people perceived this post, the blame is on the CDT, it might not be intended but this is basically how things are perceived by most from the community. Consequences? The demise or to be more specific, the end of our regular CDT builds by monday: “So it’s a rock and a hard place. Today, Brock completed crucial components of UWE’s new iterative update system. It’s a good bet UWE will start making changes to NS2 as soon as Monday. At that stage, the old monolithic build method is going to get the chop. That means the CDT has some time to do what they would like to update 278.”

What people need to know is that the CDT was working for free till now, some from this very same team have been hired to work on this new dev team. We can clearly speak about the same team being now employed. This post puts the blame on the CDT and discards UWE new team on that matter. As you might have figured out, this is rather a closed-minded point of view. Those in the new dev team are people who worked on this patch as well since most of the coders from the CDT moved to this UWE new NS2 team.

The CDT will fix this bug as soon as they can. If it can’t be fixed by the end of the day, those broken changes might be reverted. 

With the beginning of a new team and promises of a better communication between the community and the developers, this is quite a terrible start. A few CDT members posted as you can notice in the comments of this news and all this tends to show how messy the communication between the CDT and the current dev team is. No one from the CDT really know what’s going on and apparently, no one from the new dev team (UWE) seems to understand the situation beside Hugh himself. Everything is blurry right now but we do hope things will get better within the next hours and days.

Internal communication problems? Misinterpretation of facts? Voluntary desire to discredit the CDT? After Mendasp’s case and this current B278 drama, what can we expect to pop up next? Stay tuned for more!

EDIT: it’s confirmed, the CDT has reverted the game to B277 to leave more time to further investigate what caused those latest issues.