Who are…? Tactical Gamer


In our “Who are…?”-series we are going to present all kind of communities, which live inside the NS2-world. The right community for your needs and interests might be just a few clicks away.

We continue with the North American community Tactical Gamer, also known for running Captains Nights. This introduction is written by Wyzcrak. All credit goes to him.


TGNS is Tactical Gamer Natural Selection. About 20 years ago, Tactical Gamer (http://tacticalgamer.com) launched a community for mature, respectful adults to enjoy online gaming without the everyday interferences of less-than-mature gamers — where there was mutual respect for fellow gamers and where everyone would be working together to advance the enjoyment of their various titles. Tactical Gamer launched TGNS in the United States in 2002 to be just such a community for NS players, and we’ve been hosting 8-vs-8 teamplay ever since.


TGNS attracts NS2 players looking for strong teamplay in a mature setting and consistently enforces these tenets for new guests and like-minded regulars on our game server. A dedicated subset of our regulars opt-in to our “Guardians” program, which grants temporary admin rights to our community veterans. Lead by Wyzcrak, a small team of full admins care for the TGNS core tenets and use them to drive the offering’s strategic direction.


TGNS doesn’t much advertise or “recruit”. Our public game server welcomes anyone who enjoys mature teamplay (microphones are optional, but players who cannot hear them are warned and removed), and our Required Reading (http://www.tacticalgamer.com/threads/191369-TGNS-Required-Reading) comprehensively explains how to become a regular in our community and enjoy the associated benefits. Regulars help each other just by playing on our game server and presenting the community well as new guests constantly wander in. Regulars fortunate enough to help offset our expenses may purchase a Tactical Gamer “Supporting Membership” subscription, which upgrades the player’s reserved slot and other privileges.


Ten years ago, TGNS started hosting Captains Night, a PUG-style public event that continues to fill our game server every Friday night with some of the best teamplay NS2 has to offer. Our game server has LOTS of spectator slots, and watching games ANYTIME the server is full is VERY entertaining.


Tactical Gamer is something of a polarizing force, and TGNS is no exception. We don’t hesitate to protect regulars on our public game server from personas who don’t respect our tenets. Depending on who you ask, we’re loved and hated and not much in between. We wholeheartedly subscribe to the principle that you cannot please everyone, and we work very hard to please those players who consider us something of an oasis in online gaming. We welcome *ALL* skill levels on our public server, we prioritize competition a close second behind fellowship, and we appreciate the support of the countless NS1 and NS2 players who have enabled us to be part of Natural Selection for 13+ years.


Come say hello in our forums (http://www.tacticalgamer.com/forums/33-Natural-Selection-General-Discussion), or join us on our game server (tgns.tacticalgamer.com:27015)!